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Hunting Update

You’ll now be able to earn money and trophies from hunting deer, bears and wolves! The old firing range has been replaced with fresh hunting grounds, and new NPCs have been added accordingly.

To keep your hunting activities on the legal side, you’ll need a hunting license and make sure to only use rifles from the Hunting shop. You also want to be careful you don’t accidentally shoot any White Wolves – due to their valuable hide they have become an endangered species and are therefore illegal to hunt (they don’t attack).

New Vehicles & Weaponry

Tons of new vehicles and other items have been added to NPC shops all around the map. Huge thanks to Gage for helping us with this!

• New cars in both dealerships.
• New aircrafts at airport.
• New weaponry and vehicles at black market.
• New weaponry and items at mall gun store.
• New police weaponry and vehicles.
• Lowered prices of medic vehicles.

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