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Welcome to Altis!

Once you have read the server rules and are ready to begin your RP journey, the first thing you’re gonna want to do is go right across the street and get yourself a bank card. A bank card gives you access to ATMs, local shops, and more – so it’s best to keep it with you at all times.

A quick way to start earning money is to head over to the nearby apple and olive farms and do some work there. Most jobs don’t require any commands to join, you simply show up, do the work and get paid.

Some employers require that you own a license for that particular job, like lumberjack and mining for example. All licenses and deeds can be bought in town hall – located in the middle of Kavala.

You can get a small starter kit for most jobs. Use /kits to see what’s available.

There are plenty of legal and illegal jobs/activities available around the island, the in-game map has icons to help you navigate!

Buying Property

To get yourself a house, shop, farm, or any other kind of property – simply purchase a deed at town hall and pick your spot anywhere on the map!

Make sure to place the deed outside of your purchased property, so that it is visible and can be verified by moderators. The person who places the deed will be registered as the owner of the property.

Attempts to claim property without the corresponding deed will result in your buildables being removed, and may also result in a ban.

Virtual Garages

Vehicles can be stored in physical garages around the map by purchasing deeds, same as with any other property. But you also have the option to store them in a sort of virtual garage that is accessible from all major cities.

The default slot size for your virtual garage is 4 total – one of each vehicle type. Bigger garages are available for server supporters with ranks.

You may own as many physical garages and other properties as you like.

Garage Commands: /glist, /gadd, /gretrieve, /gdelete

Criminal Activity & Illegal Zones

You have the ability to rob other players by tying them up with cable ties, and using the /rob command. Keep in mind that robbing players too frequently or repeatedly, may result in a ban. See the server rules for more info.

Any type of criminal activity is of course illegal. The police will be working to prevent, and punish people who engage in such activities.

There are three ‘illegal zones’ on the map that contain various opportunities for criminals to earn money

Turtle Poaching
When you kill the turtles they drop shell fragments – which sell for a pretty penny on the black market.

Central Bank
The central bank can be robbed if there are at least three police officers online on the server.

Drug Farms
The illegal zone at the bottom contains farms for various illegal substances that T. Rickster will happily take off your hands.

Medic & Police

If you are interested in working as a Medic or Police Officer on the server, head over to our applications page and fill out the respective forms.

We will reach out to you via Discord if accepted. You may re-apply once every two weeks – sending multiple applications more often will greatly decrease your chances of being accepted.

Medic Salary: $3,500/hr + bonus from revives
Police Salary $5,000/hr + bonus from fines + bonus from disposal
Default Salary: $700/hr

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