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Server Rules
Please read and follow these rules to make everyones experience more enjoyable!
Last Update: September 29, 2020

You must always have a valid RP reason to kill or harm other players. In general, killing another player should always be the last resort.

Criminal Activity
Breaking into someones property or stealing their vehicle, is only allowed if agreed upon as part of a gang rivalry or if it’s part of a more serious RP storyline. See more info about gangs and groups below.

Robbing other civilians (not police) using /rob is allowed, but it should not be used as a main activity. Frequent robberies may go against the value of life rule, as every time you choose to rob another player you are risking your life. Robbing players of anything beyond using the /rob command is only allowed as part of a more serious RP storyline. Players are not expected to comply with unreasonable robbery demands.

If a criminal conceals their face while committing a crime, by using a mask or bandana for example, other players can not identify this criminal by their name, regardless if they know who it is. For example: Dalton successfully robs Steve using a mask, and flees the scene of the crime without being seen. Later on, Steve and Dalton run into each other in the mall, but Dalton is now wearing completely different clothes. Steve has no idea that Dalton is the same person who robbed him earlier.

Hostages may be held for a reasonable amount of time only (max 1h in most cases). You may not demand money or anything else to directly profit from a hostage exchange.

Engaging in criminal activities is of course against the law, so try not to get caught!

Value of life & Roleplay
At all times you are to value your characters life, if you are clearly outnumbered or at an obvious disadvantage you should comply with demands.

For example: if you are being surrounded by police who have guns pointed at you, it would be in your best interest to comply as you will probably get shot if you don’t.

You should never suicide or disconnect from the server to get out of an unfavorable situation. Try to remember that roleplay isn’t always about winning.

New Life Rule
This means simply that anything leading up to and/or causing your death must be forgotten. You cannot return to the area of death and continue whatever situation was transpiring like nothing happened – unless given permission to do so by everyone involved in said situation.

If you die during a bank heist with money in your inventory, the money needs to be turned in to the police or a moderator.

Gangs & Groups
Forming gangs or groups is allowed up to a maximum of 5 players. Rival groups can kill and raid each other without breaking the server rules, if agreed upon by both parties beforehand. Please make sure to save a proof of agreement in case of a dispute, and remember that this does not make you exempt from the server laws.

As a Medic or Police Officer, you must live up to the responsibilities and duties of your job. You should be ready to respond to any emergencies.

If you want to leave the PD you must turn in all your police equipment to a chief or moderator.

Common sense
Use common sense when playing on the server and be respectful when interacting with other players. If you think something is against the rules, it most likely is – even if that specific scenario isn’t described here.

Any form of cheating, hacking, exploiting – is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban. If you find any bugs/exploits on the server, please report them to us via Discord.

Keep profanity in text chat and voice chat to a minimum.

Building & Decay
In general you may only build on, or destroy, your own property that you have a deed for. Building elsewhere is considered griefing, especially if it obstructs other areas. You can build on your vehicles as long as it’s not excessive and somewhat realistic – see examples below with the container.

Use the different property deeds as they are meant to be used. Ask a moderator if you are unsure which deed to use for which property.

If you are offline from the server for more than 2 weeks, your buildables will automatically decay to make room for new and active players.

Using cosmetics on the server is allowed, just don’t use any mythical effects or anything excessive. See examples below.

This makes for a better RP experience, and helps reduce server lag.

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Server Laws
Breaking the server laws is not against the server rules!

• Murder – 40min + seizure of firearms
• Assault – 20min + seizure of firearms
• Breaking and Entering – 20min
• Petty theft (robbing another player) – 20min
• Major theft (robbing the central bank)- 30min

 Resisting Arrest – $2,000 fine
• Caught in illegal zone – $1,000 fine

• Possession of firearms without proper license  10min + $250 fine + seizure of firearms
• Reckless discharge of firearm  $500 fine

• Operating a vehicle without license  $1,000 fine + vehicle impoundment
• Reckless driving  $1,500 fine + vehicle impoundment

• Possession of illegal drugs – 10min
• Manufacturing or growing of illegal drugs – 30min
• Possession with the intent to distribute – 20min

Drugs that are illegal include blueberries.

The jail times and fines are not set in stone and may vary on a case by case basis.

You can get charged for multiple crimes at the same time.

If you don’t want to spend time in jail, you can in most cases request your arresting officer to pay an additional fine instead. If you can’t afford to pay a fine, you will be jailed instead.

1 minute of jail time = $1000

Police Rules & Guidelines
Apply to become a Police Officer

• You must have reasonable suspicion to stop and /search other players.

• Before you /frisk a player you should know for a fact that they have illegal items in their possession.

• A warrant from a Police Chief is required to raid/search a players property, with the exception of vehicles.

• Don’t abandon Police vehicles, leave them on PD property or store them in your virtual garage when you logout.

• Only shoot players if they are evading arrest, refusing to follow orders and there is no other way to stop them, or if they are a danger to other players such as a lethal crime, hostage situation, reckless driving, etc.

• Prisoners can choose to pay off their jail time, unless they’ve committed a more serious crime like murder, major theft, etc. Use the /fine command for this. (1 minute of jail time = $1,000)

• For most situations you can refer to the law to make arrests and serve fines. Use your best judgement for cases that fall into a grey area.

• You may not sell or give away guns, ammo, vehicles or any other type of equipment that you buy from Police NPCs to civilians.

• Wear a uniform so civilians can easily identify you as a police officer (unless you are going undercover).

• Remember to pick up any buildables you use for road blocks or other events.

• You can check the black market NPC every once in a while, but do not camp the area.

• Prisoners can pay a fine of $1,000 (per weapon) to retrieve their confiscated weapons. Only confiscate weapons that are used in correlation with a crime or weapons that the person does not have the proper license to carry.

• If a vehicle has to be impounded, prisoners can pay a $500 fine to retrieve it. You can impound vehicles that are in illegal areas, vehicles filled with illegal substances, and vehicles that are left outside of a garage or parking spot if the owner hasn’t been online for over 3 days.

 You cannot engage in criminal activities when part of the PD – this includes on other characters. You may use a separate Steam account to play as something else if you wish. Killing zombies on the illegal island is also considered a criminal activity.

 There is a machine inside the HQ that you can use to dispose of illegal substances and earn some extra cash.

 All police equipment must be turned into a moderator or chief when resigning from the PD. This includes vehicles.


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