See rank perks in the description below

[MYTHIC] YourName: This is how your chat messages will appear!

  • $5,000/hr Salary (paid every 30 min)
  • Access to 64 slot garage
  • Access 300 slot vault
  • $125,000 added to your balance
  • Access to kits below (4 NEW)
  • /maxskills (No Cooldown)

This rank is only available for purchase until October 2nd – but you keep it permanently.
If you already have a rank, you can use a rankup to upgrade: SCRUB to MYTHICVIP to MYTHICLEGEND to MYTHIC


This kit can be re-used every 17 hours.

Essentials Kit

Ammo Kit

Blueberry Dealer Kit

Bandit+ Kit

Farmer+ Kit

First Aid Kit

Ghillie Berry Suit Kit

(NEW) Pimp My Automobile Kit

(NEW) IKEK Furniture Kit

(NEW) Biohazard Suit Kit

(NEW) Diving Kit

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Garage Commands

Your garage can be accessed from all major cities on the map.
/gadd – /gretrieve – /glist – /gdelete

Vault Commands

Your vaults can be accessed from all banks on the map.
/valuts – /vault – /vault [name]


You automatically receive $2500 every 30 minutes. ($5000/hr)
This will replace your current salary.